2 posts in 1 month! Whaaa?!?

Alright, so here are a bunch o pictures from the past few weeks. They have been good ones.

Dev & I watched the babes one morning. I swear this is what Stone wanted to wear. Nothing but shorts and a sweater vest. Look at Tessa smiling with her tongue. She's so silly.
Awwww.. Isn't Devon the best uncle ever! Taking them to go see the nay nay's. So tute. A few weekends ago we went to the zoo which was awesome and hot. Except not awesome. Here is Ces and Cole's engagement pic. Wait Wha? That's weird. But that elephant sure wasn't!Rubie & I about to watch the bird show. Which kinda sucked btw.There's lil Sophie Kate on the carousel. I believe she was riding a deer. Or a kangaroo, I can't tell.Stone measuring up! He was so close. Ack!Tessa sure was exhausted. And that was only like 1 hour into our zootravaganza. Devon & I with our new hairdos. His is short and mine is red. VaVa Voom!Devon & I on a teeter totter. Which probably wasn't a good idea considering that swingset was kinda new when I was 5.We are all dressed in yellow. How crazy is that!?Tessa was telling this real fun story to Devon. She was like "Isn't that so funny."
This is Cecily and I on a bus to the Atlanta Gift Show. She was way cuddly. My mom and Chels on the other side of the bus. Chelsea why are you holding pineapples instead of diet cokes?This is me dancing around with all the new clothes I got at the gift show. Yes I will be wearing them all at once. Consider you warned.
Ces wanted to join in on all the new clothes dancing. Her dress is tie dye for!
Chelsea wasn't in her new clothes but she really wanted to dance. Ahh sisters.

And last but not least... This weekend was my Lil' Devy's birthday! The big 2-3! I was unfortunately not there on the actual day but I did get to go to lunch with his office today and they surprised him with a peanut butter cheesecake. It was delish! Look at him, all growns up!
And that is my few weeks in a nutshell. Ta da!!!



So Cailey - your commentaries on all of the pictures are so funny! Would you do my blog for me??

aubrey. said...

you are so pretty and can have any color hair and still be so so pretty.
how did your blog get all fancy?!
i do not know how to do that!