Hey hey everybody! So I thought I'd update this for real instead of just putting youtube videos (they were good ones right?!) I'm going to just put pics up of mine and Devo's fam.. You could refer to these pics from my facebook or myspace or any other webpage I may have, but I'm bored at work so this is what I'm doing. I was just gonna add that thingy where you put the stick figures of who is in your family, but then I thought "hey, my family are real people.. so real photos should be used." Alright, here they are. Hoot hoot! (P.S. I may steal some pics from a few people.. don't feel robbed, feel honored for I thought they were wonderful pics.)

So this here is the Tonks'/Hernandez side of our family. Shannon, Victor, Stephanie, Danny, Sydney, Dallin, Sadie, Alexa, and Derek. Derek can do magic tricks like you wouldn't believe. I mean, obviously you wouldn't believe, it's magic.

(Devon and I are in the middle fyi)

And this is the Madsen side of the family.

Ted, Linda, Cam, Jen, McKenzie, Carter, Cole, Ashlii, Sophie, Cecily, Zach, Stone, Chelsea, Alex, Tessa, Cailey, Devon. Yes it's a big family.. And not pictured is baby Rubie who wasn't born yet and also baby Bear who I don't even think was anything yet. And no Ces isn't really naming her kid Bear, are you?? Are you???

These are mine and Devon's nieces and nephews minus two. They are, Sophie, Tessa, Mckenzie, Stone, and Carter. Oh man they are all very entertaining.

This lil one here is Sydney. Ah she's so grateful for all her presents!

And last but not least is lil Rubie booby. Her name is just Rubie, pronounced like Ruby.

Well that is our family! We sure do love them all... Anywho.. Devon really wants to write something.
Hey hey, it's Devon. I heart The Hills, Gossip Girl, ANTM, and pretty soon SYTYCD. Sports Center? What's that!?! hub bub hub bub...
You know you love me
Devy Girl
P.S. I haven't quite gotten this blogging thing down.. Sorry if it's not all spaced properly. My bad..

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aubrey. said...

yay for your pretty family! i miss you caiz!