We're back! With YouTube Videos! Ahhh Blow ya mind?!?

Alright, it's been sooooo long. I'm writing on behalf of Devon. He wanted me to put this video up because it combines two of his favorite things in the whole wide world... Joel Mchale of The Soup and Heidi Montag of The Hills. The only thing that's missing is his home boy Spence.

And now, not one but two (count em) two of my favorite YouTube Videos. This is a pretty hilarious commercial.. I know you all will enjoy it.


And this is of course that whole "Charlie bit my finger" but it's remixed.. jigga wha?


Wow.. It doesn't get any better than that.. Except that it will once Devon and I remake the remix of Charlie bit me.. Stay tuned.

P.S. Yes this is what I do now that my husband doesn't come home til about 11:30 every night. But most of this stuff, Devon tells me to put on. He really loves The Hills.

it's really Cailey...har:(

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