Ahhhh! Here he is, Sebastian Ted Smith. He was born yesterday at about 8:22 A.M. He was 7.2 oz. and 21 inches long. I had to refer to Chelsea's blog for the exact stats. I'm not a mother yet so all this is so crazy to me! But what was most crazy is how Ces went in about 7:30 in the morn and by 8:30 she looked like she just did a photo shoot. Seriously Cessy, you looked good. Anyway he is awesome and I think he finally got his name late last night. It was pretty much in the stars because everytime Stone would point to his mom's belly he would yell "SEBEY!!!" so naturally, the boy would be called Sebastian. They were unsure of the middle name though. It was between Ted because that's my dads name and Red because that's my dads name on things he gets in the mail (sometimes it's even Bishop Red Madsen). The pic below is, according to Devon, the aftermath of him getting punched in the eye. He still looks so adorable. Ah love him so much. Well done Smiths.
Welp that's pretty much my post for the day... I've been getting praises for how clever my blog is so now I really feel like the pressure is on. Yikes! I don't have much else to blog about.. Devon did suggest one thing but it doesn't have the full effect until I scan the "postcard" onto my comp. Pretty much everyday I get the mail I've been getting these giant if you can even call them postcards from the Utah pet center. I've gotten them so much that I plan to call them and ask them why they chose our address and do they keep sending them until they get a response? Seriously, I don't get mad easily but this is getting ridiculous. I don't have pets and if I did I wouldn't be taking them to the fun dome (which is where the pet center resides in) and have people just like, ya know, hang out with them or whatever they do at pet centers. Oooh boy I'm just so passionate about this! (hehe... Ashlii) But for realsy, I'm gonna call them. Alright.. that's all. Happy Labor Day! And Gossip Girl premiere night... You all know we're fans!
Devy Girl

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Lovio Fam said...

You are right, Cecily looks fab! I hope my second delivery is like hers. Tell her Congrats from your Cali family.