It's official....

That's right. Now that I have my baby ticker countdowns, it's legit. We're seriously having a baby! See, proof, over to the right ------->
Oh man, get ready for baby talk galore... Everytime I write Lil Devy now, it's gonna be Widdle Devy cuz I'm practing for ya know, baby talk. Jk my blog will still be profound and all that hoopla, but it's gonna be all about babies... or the roller derby, which we are going to this weekend. It's a double header!! Go Dirty Pirate Hooker!
Devy Girl
P.S. I'm a celebrity get me out of here was gonna be our new discussion topic since Speidi was on it... But now they're gone... and widdle Devy's a widdle angry.


Kenzi Dawn said...

Yay for roller derby and babies and baby talk!

michelle said...

congrats on being prego!!