day 29

day 29: put your ipod on shuffle. what are the first ten songs?

This is gonna be interesting. I have two ipods. Well an itouch and a classic because I'm nostalgic and can't let go. So I'm gonna alternate between the two because I know if I just use my itouch it'll only come up with Glee and Christmas songs.

1. Start of Something New- V.Hudge & Zac Efron

Yes it's from High School Musical. I'm not embarassed. Okay yes I am.

2. Close- Pete Yorn

I went to one of his concerts because Ben Kweller was opening. I think I've got all his CDs on my touch and don't even let him get to the first note before I change it.

3. All My Friends Are Insects- Weezer

From the Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome! CD. And no I don't listen to it if Dexter isn't around... Alright yes I do. I love the Jack Black song.

4. Come on Over- Christina Aguilera

I know this song in Spanish because of that time Christina Aguilera decided to be really Spanish.

5. Lollipop- Ben Kweller

I love BK and this song was on mine and Devsys wedding video. So sweet.

6. My Freeze Ray- Neil Patrick Harris

It's from Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog. And I think I've mentioned that in like 15 of my blog posts so if you haven't seen it yet then you best be looking elsewhere.

7. All These Things That I've Done- The Killers

I believe I mentioned it was a favorite song of mine. Still is.

8. You Give Me Something- James Morrison

I love this song and it's the only song I know by this guy. But it's a keeper.

9. Coconut Telegraph- Jimmy Buffett

My first concert was a JB one and I believe I was 8. Coincidentally that was the first time I smelled pot. Ahhh I'm a parrothead for life.

10. It's Good to Be In Love- Frou Frou

Yes it sure is Frou Frou.

So that's my ipod on shuffle. I shuffled it more than once because I didn't want every other song to be some version of Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I've got like seven of those. I love Christmas music and I think day after Halloween is when you start listening to it.


Devy Girl

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