day 5

day 5: your parents

Ted & Linda Madsen

Or as I used to try and convince all my friends, Theodore and Gwendalinda Madsen. Some believed me. Most didn't.
My parents are amazing. They are the most caring, selfless, generous, loving, wonderful people I know. The badonkatonkas had the pleasure of living with them over the summer and a bit into winter, which we did not plan, but my parents were more than okay with it. Currently the thing I love most about them (it changes a lot because there is so much to love) is how much Dexter loves them and vice versa. My mom has been so helpful to watch Dexter when I have to go into work and he always comes home with so many new tricks. My mom is so much better than baby einstein. I mean how many one year olds know not only where their eyes are but how to say it. And my dad is truly Dexters best friend. When we were living there, everytime Dex heard the garage open he'd run over to the door, lay down, and try to get the first glimpse of gramps thru the crack. Adorable right?

My parents are awesome.


Devy Girl

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