day 3

day 3: pet peeves

I have no pictures so use your imaginations. If you're anything like me you will totally get ticked off at your imagination for thinking of these things.

pet peeve 1- Cyclists who think they are cars and then when it's convenient go back to being a bike rider.

They get up all in your driving business, you have to sit and wait for them, try to figure out a way to get around them and it bugs. Then us cars are all waiting at the red light and the cyclist is like "oh I'll just mosey on over to the sidewalk here and keep riding on." One of these days I will push one over so be warned if you like bike riding next to cars.

pet peeve 2- People who crowd around the shopping rack that I was clearly at first.

Seriously, wait your turn.

pet peeve 3- Chewing loudly or with your mouth open.

It's awful and my poor husband can't ever enjoy a meal because I constantly ask him if he's chewing bolts. He's not even that loud of a chewer, I am just so very grossed out by chewing.

Those are my top 3. So you may not ever want to chew, shop, or bike really really close to me. I will destroy you.


Devy Girl

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