day 4

day 4: meaning behind your blog name

I'd have to thank my friend Autumn for the origin of my blog name. When I got engaged my friends and I of course had to always address me as my soon to be married name, Cailey Tonks. Whenever I mentioned my last name, my friend Autumn would mention how it's like the big booties.

"Wha? What are you talking about silly Autumn?" I would say.

"You know, like a badonkatonk. Like, that there girl has got a mighty fine badonkatonk." She'd reply.

And I'd be all, "you crazy girl and I'm pretty sure it's badonkadonk as in honky-donk badonka donk."

Then she'd say "no it's badonkatonk."

Thus, badonkatonkas.blogspot.com


Devy Girl

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