day 2

day 2: your favorite movie

Can I have like 5 favs? Please, please.....Like 10? 50 favorites movies??

Okay I'll just narrow it down to the fav movies in my fav genre. Don't judge. But you probably should.

Yes I love From Justin to Kelly. You don't?!? I'm still very upset that they never put out a soundtrack. I even signed a petition. So what!?

Another favorite musical. Chicago! I worked at megaplex theaters for a week and was required to put my favorite movie on my nametag so I put this. You wouldn't believe how many times I got asked if I was from there.

Crazy for Swayze. I know it's not technically a "musical" but it's got dancing and it's dirty. What's not to love? Nobody puts baby in a corner...

This is from the beloved 1978 classic Grease. I watched this on a loop for 3 months straight and I plan to do it again if I can get Dex on board. But the only things he cares about are Ellen and DJ Lance Rock..

This isn't a musical but I find myself quoting this movie at least 3 times a day. 4 for you Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco.
My favorite movie(s).

Don't hate.


Devy Girl

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