Things that are Simpable... Simpable Things.

This past weekend was simpable things and boy oh boy was it amazing! Or should I say Cupcakamazing... No I shouldn't say that, that's a nonsense word. But there were a lot of cupcakes. A LOT OF CUPCAKES! Pictures to prove some of said cupcakes below...Yes, you better believe that is a giant cupcake cake! Fully edible, fully awesome! And yes those lil guys our "cupcake pops" and no they are not cupcake shaped suckers. They are actual cupcakes. Yes you read that right! Cupcake, cupcake thru and thru.These are just for mere decoration. Ha I bet you thought they were the cupcakes we had for people to eat. Well, you are wrong my friend. Seriously we had so many cupcakes for all to eat. We even had cupcakes for the cupcakes for all to eat. We EVEN had cupcakes for those cupcakes for the cupcakes for all to eat. Oh, I took it too far. When should I have stopped? This is the cupcake crew. Wud up? Ooooh almost forgot our employee of the month, Devon! Here he is! It's his favorite time of the year, ya know besides whenever the hills is on (he just doesn't understand why LC and Heids can't work it out).
Simpable Things was truly a sight to be seen. It was quite the good time complete with maple bacon cupcakes. Yeah, maple bacon, and they were remarkable.
Devy Girl
P.S. Thanks Ces & Chels for letting me steal, er, use your pictures. Love you so much.

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