My mom went to college...

And now she doesn't, because she graduated! Hello!!! Booyah BYU! We are all so very proud of our English Lit GradLinda Bradshaw Madsen (her college name, woo) & to prove it, here are some pictures, ya know for proof. A few days before, Ces & I decided to do a lil photo shoot, notice her "looking into the future" eyes. Yep, that gal certainly knows how to work a camera, even in her "under 200" gown. That's an inside joke only BYU grads get, and the family members they tell. Tee hee.

Looking into the future, grasping her heart of knowledge. Oops I mean, her heart isn't full of knowledge! Ack, I'm not a graduate so I wouldn't know... I sorry.
A blue & white volleyball we just found in the backyard. Goes great with the gown doesn't it?This one was her "I'm throwing my hat in the air and I just don't care" pic. Came, saw, conquered.

On her bike going into the future, with her legs out because she just graduated and doesn't know where the road will lead her... Ahhh! Look at world!
This is also a shot like the one above. Except it also has gospel doctrine books in it. I mean she did graduate from BYU and all.
Practicing her walk of glory. Fist pumping her success.
Oh snap! Yes, we got my mom to do a newsies jump. Like 5 times too since we had like 5 cameras. She was all for it. I mean now that she's a college graduate, she can pretty much do anything. Including the newsies jump.
Alright, so now we have a few pics from the actual (1st) day of her graduation. This was the grand ol' commencement with all of the Y Grads. It was mauhvaleous (that's marvelous but with more of a gleeful spelling.) We even snuck in J Dawgs and it was delicious.

My mom lounging by a tree in front of the Marriott Center. See the words on the building.. They say "Marriott Center." Told ya.

My father brought her some flowers. He is just the sweetest.

This is us girls and my dad after the wonderful ceremony. So proud, like peacocks. (30 Rock quote.. watch it.)

All the sons-in-law with the grad and my dad. I rhymed. And I also used the plural term of son-in-law correctly. Or did I, is it son-in-laws?! Again, not a graduate ahh!

Not to overshadow my mom and her amazing accomplishment but this last pic is of Devon & I rolling down the hill by the BYU Library. Yes, those are my G's. Don't act like you're not impressed.

And there you have it. Well mostly. Once I get a hold of my mom's camera you won't know what hit you. Anywho, congrats to the grad! We are so proud of her and love our Linda Bradshaw Madsen so much! Woo BYU class of '09 (but mostly just my mom). Yay mom!


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Beth said...

So exciting for your mom! I love this photo shoot so much... especially your naughty panty lines, oohh la la

EmilyJane said...

Go Linda! I think Linda is the neatest lady ever! Congrats on graduating sexy lady!