It is your birthday.


So here's a recap of Dexters 1st birthday. Are you kinda excited?!? Are you really excited?!? Oh, just kinda excited.. That's cool.

In the Madsen family we've got three December birthdays. We celebrated by having a Christmas jammie breakfast. Here's the badonkatonkas hamming it up on the stairs.

Tessa likes to hold Dexter now. But as you can see, it comes with consequences.

Santa even joined in on all the fun. Dexter was not happy about this.

He was extremely not happy about this.

All the grandkids with the Santa & Mrs.

Dexter opening his bday presents. Well watching while all of the other kids rip them apart.
Oh it's no big deal... Just Dex in his new Joes jeans and Ben Sherman button down. Thanks Uncle Cole & Auntie Ashlii. Oh and Sophie & Rubie.

Dexter & Daddy & Dexters birthday cupcakecake.

Eating his cupcake ever so delicately. I think he was just savouring every bite as this was the very first time we've given him sweets. Pffftt ha... Did anyone believe that? Everybody watching Dexter or posing for the camera (I see you chelshea).

Kenz & Carter celebratin with Dex.

Ahhh Dexters actual birthday! December 16th! What a handsome one year old!Here he is in his new hat that he has only worn once. And yes that was the one time.All his bday presents. Just perusing his Yo Gabba Gabba DVD.Just loving on Grandma and his Brobee pillow. He makes out with that thing at least 10 times a day. It's adorable.

The celebrating doesn't stop there. Oh no. Mommy & Daddy had a little bit more up our sleeves. We of course, celebrated any other way a parent would celebrate their one year olds birthday.

We took Dexter to Vegas**!

Here he is at the roulette table. Come on red 7!

Just working the slots.

He bought Daddy an ice cream cone with all his winnings.

Oh man what a wild day in Vegas!

**disclaimer: We didn't actually go to Vegas for the purpose of celebrating Dexters birthday. We were on our way to California for Devons bros wedding (Congrats by the way!) and happened to stop at the Paris all you can eat buffet. It was 7 in the morning so we thought we could get away with taking a kid on the casino floor. And we did!

Anyway, Dexter had a happy birthday. I'm pretty sure. He doesn't talk yet so I can't know for certain.

Happy birthday Dexter!!!


Devy Girl

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