Happy Merry Christmas New Year!!

Well we had quite a lovely holiday season. We got an extra big gift that came a little early for Christmas...

A house!!!

We made an offer in July, thought we got it in August, we didn't, then thought we'd be moving in by Halloween, we didn't, for sure we were in by Thanksgiving, we weren't, but lo and behold we moved in a week before Christmas! Home sweet home!!

This is our very first meal at our new daybreak home. The RC Willey guys couldn't get our sectional downstairs so we just had 4 couches on the main floor. Devon & I got them down in like 10 minutes. Those RC Willey guys are really big liars. I didn't even need to wear a back brace thingy or whatever.

Daddy & Dexter just brushing their teeth.

Look away Matt Damon, co-founder of water.org, because this is Dexters favorite thing to do in the house. Just turn the water on and off and sometimes try and put things under the running faucet. Like mommys phone...

But how can you stay mad at him with a face like that?!? Precious. Like Gaborey Sidabee but more preciouser.

The badonkatonkas wish you a Merry Christmas!

But that's not the end of the post. Not even close. We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at the Madsen household. It was de-wait for it-lightful. Delightful.

Uncle Cam holding Dexter up by his belt loops. He had already been doing this for five minutes and then I finally got the camera and made him do it for ten minutes more. Obviously Dexter really enjoyed it.

Dexter & Daddy opening up presents from MamaTah & PapaTah. That's Grandma Utah & Grandpa Utah in case you didn't understand. I think for once my mother would like a granny nickname that is somewhat her own instead of all the kids just saying Grandpa*insert name of other grandma here* to her.

Dexter got a singamajig!! I don't think he quite gets the appeal yet but I sure do! When I'm picking up all his toys at the end of the day, I usually find this on the ground and end up pushing his tummy for a good ten minutes. I mean he sings 'My Sweet Clementine'! What's not to love?!?

Dexter giving Sullivan some love.

My mom & dad both got Comedy Scene It! What are the odds?!?

My mom got something else that was a little-a lot more awesome than Comedy Scene It. A brand new car!! It is amazing. It has all the features you could imagine. But does it have a sun roof?? Uh try two!!!!

Christmas morning at the badonkatonks house. This is mommy & Dexter turning the corner to see that Santa came! Dexter kept closing his eyes and shaking his head as if to say 'I can't believe what I'm seeing!!'

Opening presents. Dexter got some new jammies and a brand new HANGER!

Devon has been wanting a gun ever since I met him. I finally gave in and got him two. But they are in the form of cufflinks. I did get him a gift cert for a concealed weapons learning class. I feel that if he learns a little bit more about guns in real life as opposed to Call of Duty life then that would put me more at ease.

Tools!!! Being in our new house, they actually have been put to great use. Even when no use of them is required. Like using a wrench to open up a drawer. Devon was just really excited about his new tools.

This is Devon & Dexter on New Years Eve. We invited all our family over for Nacho New Year! We made spaghetti. hehe.

The Smiths brought over an awesome game where you JUST DANCE! I fell in love!

The girls doing some Beyonce. Why yes they are doing full body rolls. Make it Be-ounce Beyonce!!!

So that is our holiday season in a nutshell. As you can tell, it was awesome.

On another note... My uber talented BIL Derek is in the process of making this amazing monster for a school project/screenplay/to have a super cool monster and he is looking for people to back his project on this website.

Depending on the amount you donate, you get something cool in return like a 3d key chain or a tshirt or signed picture (which guarantee will be worth a lot someday- he's THAT good). I really wanted the full sized hollow head of the creature so I can just wear it around... But Devon won't let me donate 700 bucks on account of we just bought a new house. Lame!

Oh and on yet another note.... If anyone wants to donate to help me get that xbox kinect so I can have that JUST DANCE game in my home I would really appreciate it. You wouldn't get any rewards. Maybe a video of me showing off my sweet dance skills...

That was a lot of blogging.

Ya'all our welcome (the 4 of you that read this).


Devy Girl

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