they grow up so fast...

I can't believe it, I can't believe it... My baby is already 4 months old! Now let me assure you, I have plenty, plenty, PLENTY (I'm serious) of pictures featuring our awesome guy but blogging be hard so I just uploaded the ones that show how old he really is...
3 months old! See, the sign says "3 months old!"Now in this picture I really wanted to capture the fact that he is 3 months... Using my fancy new camera I really emphasized it and I think it really captured my unique vision. Plus the lighting was just breathtaking no?These are the "4 months old!" pictures. Dexter loved that sign so much he started making out with it....And then he realized his mom and dad were taking pictures of him and Dex was all, "hey you caught/interrupted me.. not cool." But then he was like, "ya know what, I'm cool with it. This is happening!"

Oh man I thought I was done but I feel that I can upload a few more.... Here goes.

Awwwww... My two guys just chillaxing and watching tv.

Happy! Yay! Ahhh! Giggle!

Dexter is his fancy, handsome church clothes.. Complete with cuff links... That's classy.

Wha? Ruh Roh! What happened to his shirt?! This is what we like to call "sexy dexy." Woo!

Isn't he just the cutest!?! We sure enjoy him. I mean he's only in the other room, a few feet away, and I miss him right now. I am just stupid in love with that kid!

Alright, this has taken me almost an hour to do so Tonksy out!


Devy Girl


The Durr's said...

Your baby is just the cutest!

Janie Topham said...

Cailey, he is so stinkin cute!!! Looks a lot like you. I can't believe he's 3 months old... it seems like you JUST had him! I'll bet you're having a blast... can't wait to mee him!

Darren and Janessa said...

Cailey- I'll be sure to let Janie know that he is 4 months old- not 3. Anyway, HE IS ADORABLE! Such a little chunker.. I love it. When you coming to St. G again? I would LOVE to see the little guy!